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Conektto's Autonomous API Test Studio uses NLP technology to analyze and create test harness for executing all your tests. Before you continue on this section, make sure you read the previous section.

Setting up Conektto API Test Workspace

After successfully publishing your API test project, you can download the API workspace from Conektto's Dashboard as illustrated below.

API Test workspace

Conektto's API Test Workspace works locally on your desktop or on a VM or cloud instance. The test workspace is composed of set of docker containers

ReactUI - To interact and perform test execution

NodeJS - API backend to interact with ReactUI and backedn MongoDB

MongoDB - Backend database to store test workspace data

FlaskAPI - For data retrieval from MongoDB to enable test data insertion and to persist test results

Mock services - To run mock runners for the API under test

Test Runner engine - To run functional API tests and analyze results

Grafana UI - Pre-built Grafana Dashboard to visualize performance test results

InfluxDB - Time series database for persisting performance test data

Download and Install API Test Workspace

Downloadable API Workspace is named with "Proj" prefix followed by name of your API project: as in "Proj_Demo_DocAPItest.zip"

Unzip the contents and open the contained folder in Terminal or Command line

MacOS users // sh offlinedeploym.sh
Linux users // sh offlinedeploy.sh
Windows users // run offlinedeploy.ps1

Working with your API Test projects on http://localhost:3002/

Understanding API Test workspace

For each API test project designed and published in Conektto, you can see following features:

Visualize API

Virtualize / Mock API endpoints

The mock endpoints for the API under test is deployed locally in port 8008. The mock can be hosted on VM or cloud as well.

Test Data

Conektto generates all Test Data for your entire database despite your API under test is only related to few entities. The test data is generated with unique patent pending algorithm that ensure entity relationship, order, sequence and overall integrity of the database and ready to be inserted into your database.

Tests (API Test Cases and Test Execution)

Conektto auto generates all API test cases and test execution engine for functional and performance. The functional tests can be executed against mock or real endpoint.

Functional API Tests

Run API Tests

Tests Executing

Test Execution Results

Test Result History

Performance Tests

Grafana visualization

Conektto's performance test executions are persisted in InfluxDB container and can be visualized for relevant performance metrics in the Grafana plug-in.

Contact Conektto for testing high volume performance scenarios on Kubernetes Cluster which is currently only for a Enterprise users.

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