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API-led connectivity is a paradigm that allows organizations to connect data, systems, and experiences through the use of APIs. This approach allows for a more flexible and agile integration of different technologies, leading to improved efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

Product managers role and importance of API-led connectivity in today's digital landscape is increasing and product managers are forefront of this change that includes everything from design and test APIs that drive system, process, and experience.

At Conektto, we believe that API-led connectivity is essential for building successful products. Our platform is designed to help product managers easily design and test three types of APIs:

  • System APIs are the foundation of API-led connectivity, allowing different systems to communicate and share data. Conektto makes it easy to design and test system APIs, ensuring that they are robust and scalable.

    • Refere section Free Format API Design and Data Provider API section on how to use Conektto to build your API desgin in minutes.

  • Process APIs are the glue that binds different systems together, allowing for the creation of automated business processes. Conektto's Aggregate API designer (launching soon) makes designing and testing process APIs easy, ensuring they work seamlessly with other systems and APIs.

  • Experience APIs are the last mile delivery of data and content for end users based on their specific access channels like mobile app or browsers. Conektto's Experience API designer is in the roadmap for later part of 2023 that will enable Product Managers to look at their product strategy from user / cx lense.

With Conektto, product managers can easily design, test and deploy APIs that drive system, process, and experience. API-led connectivity is essential for building successful products, and our platform is designed to make it easy for product managers to take advantage of its benefits. Try Conektto today and experience the power of API-led connectivity for yourself.

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