Introducing Conektto's Collections: Enhance Your API Testing and Organization

Conektto has a powerful built-in feature to streamline your API testing and organization processes. With our Collections, you can effortlessly test your production-ready APIs 🚀, whether they were created using our studio or already exist in your API ecosystem.

By utilizing our collections, you can create custom collections and add requests, allowing you to easily structure and manage your workflow API testing. It will boost your productivity ⚡ī¸ and ensure a more efficient and seamless testing experience.

Our platform provides a comprehensive environment where you can design APIs using our intuitive studio or incorporate your existing APIs seamlessly. This versatility allows you to leverage your previous work and maximize the potential of your API assets within the Conektto ecosystem 🌐

Simplify your workflow, increase productivity, and harness the full potential of your APIs. Join our community of developers who trust Conektto to elevate their API testing and organization processes to the next level 🙌

Welcome to the Conektto Documentation Portal! We're excited to introduce you to the Collections feature, a powerful tool that will revolutionize your API testing and organization processes. 🚀

Collections: Effortless API Testing

With Conektto's Collections, you can seamlessly test your production-ready APIs, whether built using our intuitive studio or already existing in your API ecosystem. đŸ’Ē

🔧 Create Custom Collections: Structure and easily manage your API testing workflow by creating custom collections and adding requests. Stay organized and boost your productivity for a more efficient testing experience.

💡 Versatile Integration: Leverage the Conektto ecosystem to design new APIs using our studio or seamlessly incorporate your existing APIs. Maximize the potential of your API assets within our comprehensive platform.

⚡ī¸ No Installation Headaches: Unlike other popular collections tools, Conektto eliminates the hassle of installation. Say goodbye to outdated software and installation headaches. Enjoy a hassle-free testing experience.

🌍 Test Anywhere: Whether your APIs are running locally on your desktop, on-premises, in the cloud, or even on the moon 🚀, Conektto's browser-based collection studio allows you to test them seamlessly.

Join our community of developers who love the power of GPT and trust Conektto to elevate their API testing and organization processes. Simplify your workflow, increase productivity, and unleash the full potential of your APIs with our innovative platform.

Discover the joy of seamless API testing. Sign up now and unlock the true potential of your APIs with Conektto! 🎉

Stay tuned for more exciting features and updates in our Documentation Portal. Happy testing! ✨


Creating your first collection

After logging in to our platform, you can see the collections in the dashboard pane.

To create a new collection, click +New button.

Creating new request to collection

To create a new request, click the file icon, which adds the request to the collection.

  • Another way to add a new request is by using the + button shown in the tab.

  • Once you click it, the request will get added to the panel and the tab and you can perform your operations.

  • After setting your request data or information to get the appropriate response (e.g., adding headers, enabling proxy, specifying the request body), clicking the send button will display the response in the response panel.

  • You can toggle between the requests that are present in the tab.

  • You can search for requests using the search bar.

  • You can copy and duplicate the request you would like to have by clicking the save button. Once you get the pop-up modal, there will be a checkbox with the message "Save as duplicate "or "Save a copy."

  • Once you have checked it, you need to click the folder/collection from the structure where you would like to have your duplicate request. Both the request and the newly created duplicate request will have the same content.

  • Breadcrumbs show the path of the request stored under the folder/collection

Testing your APIs running on your local desktop

🌐 Conektto's Collections present a handy solution for testing APIs on your local desktop with proxy functionality enabled. With this tool, you can conveniently develop and test APIs within your local environment, streamlining the testing process. 👩‍đŸ’ģ

🔁 By routing your API requests through a local proxy server, Conektto allows you to capture and analyze traffic effectively. It acts as an intermediary, intercepting and forwarding requests to your local API server. This functionality empowers you to simulate real-world scenarios, troubleshoot issues, and seamlessly validate the behavior of your APIs. 🔄

🚀 Experience the power of Conektto's Collections to enhance your API testing workflow, making it more efficient and productive. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of testing possibilities! đŸŽ¯

Organizing the collection

  • If you would like to add any sub-folder(s) or sub-collection(s) to the main folder/collection, click the folder icon, which shows the Add folder tooltip.

  • Once request or folder/collection is added, you can rename or delete it using options menu.

  • You can delete the request or folder entirely or delete a single item using the Delete option.

Import/Export the collection

You can export the collection that is created on our platform using the Export option in the menu.

The export feature is available for the entire collection that you want to export. It automatically triggers the export function, and the file will be downloaded. You can share this file with your teammates to foster a collaborative work environment.

Conektto supports the export of Postman (version 2.1) files.

Recent History

You can toggle between collections and recent history.

Recent history shows the requests that have been opened in the tab, and they are arranged based on the creation of the request, sorted by date.

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