🆓Free Format API design

With Conektto, Product Managers can create free format API contracts by simply creating parameters in conektto's intuitive design studio, drag/drop and publish the OpenAPI spec to developers and other stakeholders.

Create API Project

✅Click "Create New API" and Click "Design Studio"

✅Select "Free Format API design" and provide the title for the API

Create Parameters

✅Start creating your API schema parameters.

ℹī¸Support data types

Create API Contracts

✅After creating all your requests and response parameters, when you are ready to start creating your RestAPI contracts, start with "Create Resource", "Add Path", and then add "Operations".

✅Drag/Drop parameters to desired Request as Headers or Form data or Path or Query Parameters or Request Body and Response as Headers or Response Body.

ℹī¸Objects, Arrays and Array of Objects allows nesting of parameters inside as illustrated below

✅Select the appropriate Operation from the response body:

Refer to examine schema and simulate payload

Publish API Design

⚠ī¸Refer API Standards and Governancesection for OpenAPI validations and mandatory contract structure requirements required by Conektto to publish API designs.

✅Click "Publish" to complete and generate OpenAPI contract

Download API Specification

✅Your API Specification is now available to download in JSON format

Modify and Republish

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