✨System Requirements

Here is the outline of system / user desktop software required for working with Conektto and its generated artifacts.


Conektto.io and app.conektto.io are web based SaaS applications that runs on browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Login / Sign-up

You may use LinkedIn, GitHub or Google credentials to login to app.conektto.io. Conektto's enterprise users contact your IT Admin for secure single sign-on access.

Running API Workspace

You can setup API workspace by downloading your project_<apiprojectname>.zip and follow the steps below:

  1. Unzip the files

  2. Launch the folder in terminal (Mac/Linux) or command line (Windows)

  3. Execute shell or powershell scripts against the offlinedeploy

  4. Docker containers for the API workspace will be setup - Docker DESKTOP must be installed before running this setup.

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