Designing Aggregate API in Composable Studio

Conektto Composable Studio offers a powerful and intuitive platform for building aggregate APIs. With its drag-and-drop interface and flexible design capabilities, developers can easily create and manage complex API workflows. This documentation will guide you through the process of building aggregate APIs using Conektto Composable Studio.

Step 1: Creating a New API

  1. Open the Conektto Composable Studio and click on "New API" in the design studio.

  1. Select "Aggregate API" as the API type to begin building your aggregate API.

Step 2: Designing Parameters / Attributes

  1. Under the design section, define the parameters and attributes for your API.

You can specify the required attributes and their data types to structure the API contracts by selecting or by copy/paste of JSON structure.

Step 3: Creating REST Contract Structure

Drag and drop the attributes from the design section into the desired contract structure. Define the REST contract structure by arranging and organizing the attributes.

Step 4: Building the Business Flow

Go to Business flow do design your composable flow / aggregate API flow. Enable the Composable Studio by clicking on the main card.

Right-click to add cards and choose "API" to add an endpoint info for mapping metadata and controlling the flow.

Chain APIs together as needed, either in parallel or sequential order based on the business logic.

Utilize filters, loops, and branches to handle complex logic as required.

Step 5: Payload Mapping

Use the payload mapper to map content from the output of one endpoint to the payload of another endpoint.

Map the content based on your specific requirements, whether it's a full, partial, or custom mapping.

Step 6: Publishing the API

Once you have finished building your aggregate API, click on "Publish" to generate the code based on the metadata and mappings.

Conektto will generate the code for your API, allowing you to proceed with implementation and testing.

From the Dashboard, against the respective API project, AI-generated artifacts is available for download / consumption or directly commit to your enterprise repository of choice.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can leverage Conektto Composable Studio to build powerful aggregate APIs with ease. The intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and extensive mapping capabilities enable developers to create complex API workflows without the need for manual coding. Start exploring the possibilities of building aggregate APIs with Conektto Composable Studio and streamline your API development process.

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